Planning to have a Disney fairy tale wedding? You’re not alone! Walt Disney World hosts over 2,300 weddings every year.

Getting married at Walt Disney World? It’s definitely not a surprising question, as Walt Disney World is reportedly the most popular wedding/ honeymoon location in America since 1995, when Disney went officially into the wedding business. It’s not like we need proof of the numbers, anyway — it’s only natural for such an event location to be a success.

And why is that? Possibly because there are few times when people are more eager to express their love of fairy-tales and the fantastic than during the most romantic day of their lives. And there are still fewer girls who haven’t dreamed of playing fairy or crown princess to their Prince Charmings. So, what better location than the most fairytalish venue of them all, Walt Disney World?

Whether you feel Walt Disney weddings are magical or awful, tasteful or detestable, the fact is, some people love them. At Disney, the fairytale wedding is a thriving business, and the weddings live up to the dreams of the people who plan them.

But as in all fairytales, the sparkle comes at a price: the simplest possible wedding at Walt Disney World will run you about $3,500, and this for an intimate affair with up to 10 guests. That price will buy you a four-night honeymoon at Disney resort, a daylight ceremony, a wedding cake, a bouquet for the bride, a marriage certificate (signed by Mickey!), and several other trimmings, but no reception.

For a “Custom Wedding,” a more flexible package that includes more than 10 guests, a ceremony and a personalized reception, costs climb fast, starting from $7,500. And in fact, an average Disney wedding with around 100 guests costs $20,000.

If you’re the kind of person whose imagination is set on fire by the prospect of a Disney wedding — and chances are good you are if you’re reading this article — the fact is that at Walt Disney World, you really can have almost anything you can imagine… at least, as long as you can afford it. The well-heeled bride can wave her magic wand and call up:

  • Cinderella’s glass coach (rented for $2,200),
  • a white dove fly-over (as little as $250!),
  • private fireworks ($2,500) or confetti cannons ($500),
  • and can even privately book the Magic Kingdom (this one would cost $42,000 or more to rent for a reception, not counting other expenses).

So if your mind’s made up (and if you have the means), dream on, because you’re about to experience the truest fairytale dream wedding money can buy!

For more information on Disney hotels and parks, please visit – a complete guide to accomodations, dining, recreation and much more at Disney World and Disneyland.

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  1. BLC

    I am a Snow White fanatic, so for my wedding its snow white all the way! Its more a renewal, we’ve been married 13 yrs but eloped to Vegas without any friends or family. So now we are having an intimate ceremony and I found the cutest venue! Its in San Diego, (Rose Creek Cottage). It looks as if the 7 dwarfs will come out and greet you. Perfect for my theme! I didn’t have to spend a fortune and have my dream Disney wedding at Disneyland. I found it in my own back yard!

  2. mimi

    I personally think it is kind of tacky, and way to expensive. The only cool thing would be to rent out Magic Kingdom for yourself. I mean who has this kind of money…really. :thinking:

    • Lisa

      I don’t think it’s tacky at all…If you guys wanna save money heres how… My fiance and I are booked for a 7 night trip inside Disney at the Caribbean beach resort… A limo will pick us up there and take us to a beautiful chapel less than 5 mins away from our resort and bring us back….

      • Sarah

        I agree! I dont think its tacky at all. Its all about personal preferance…Disney is know for its attention to detail, agressive and above average customer service.

    • Lisa c.

      It’s really not that expensive plus if you’ve stayed at a luxury Disney resort, you would know that nothing they do at Disney is tacky. 😀

  3. Denise

    Hey there!

    I am planning a Disney Escape wedding. It’s a lot smaller than the regular wedding. We are allowed 20 people in total to come (including my fiance and I). Which is fine for us because we wanted something small and intimate. Its going to cost about 10k after everything. Which is al ot cheaper than if I was to do it here in NJ. We are going to have a BBQ or something like that for our family anf friends here after the wedding.

    • Sarah

      Thats what my Fiance and i want to do! I hope you see this, because id like to know how everything worked out for you…any suggestions?


  4. Danica

    Hey there, okay so my mom is wanting to have a disney cruise line wedding. She wants to do a disney princess theme XD Ya know, where she’s dressed as Cinderella and her husband is Prince Charming. She’s going to have all of us dress up as the other disney princesses, I’m actually going to be Belle, so I’m excited.
    But anyways she actually wanted to know what the difference is with the Disney cruise? What makes it different from other cruises?? Are there disney characters that walk around??
    And sorry about all this, she’s kind of computer iliterate so she’s having me do all of this.
    Please get back to me at my email. We desperately want to know.

    [email protected]

    • susannah

      yes there are but they are only for 30 min. one is 1500 two is 2000 and three is 4000.

  5. Katie

    Hello! I am planning a Disney Cruise wedding, which is significantly less expensive than getting married in Disney World proper. The ceremony takes place on Disney’s private island. We opted for a 4 day cruise, and then a week-long Disney honeymoon so we still get to go to “The World”. Everything (and I mean everything, from invites, wedding costs, our cabin and honeymoon, dress from David’s Bridal, etc.) done nicely, but not over-the-top, is running us about $12-13K. After pricing out several different options (including a disney-themed local event), this seemed to be the best bet. We were worried that our guests would balk at having to pay for a plane ticket and a cruise to come to our wedding. Surprisingly, most of them love the idea and are glad that they don’t have to go to yet “another boring, same-‘ol schtik” wedding. The rest love the idea, but have financial constraints- and they understand our financial constraints and aren’t upset that they can’t go. For these people, we are going to have a BBQ or something like that back home so everyone is included, has fun, and it keeps our costs way down! Oh, and the best part? No stress!!! The travel agent takes care of all of the arraingements, food is included on the cruise (no reception hassles!), and all I have to pick out is a cake, a floral boquet, and a corsage (or whatever they’re called for men!). . . from a group of 5 options each! Of course, like everything Disney, you can add-on and make it as big and crazy as you want. We just wanted to keep it simple and very fun! Oh, and if you have everyone book through the same travel agent, then there is a “group number” that they all receive, so everyone get to go to dinner and whatnot together!

    To do something very similar IN Disney World, including all of the above, it would have run us around 30-40K.

    Yeah, big difference.

    Check out the Disney Cruise Line. It’s not what you would think- actually very classy ships with lots of adults-only areas.

    Hope this helps! Good luck with your planning!

    • Dean Paris

      Here is the question. What is the cruise costing your guests who want to come? Roughly.. Did Disney Cruise Line offer you a discount?

  6. Heather

    do you have any ideas for favors if my theme is Minnie and Mickey bride and groom for my wedding


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