Weddings are expensive and need a lot of planning. Below are pocket-friendly ideas on how to save that extra coin on your wedding and still make it a spectacular and memorable day. – free stock image 🙂

Fake Your Wedding Cake

Wedding cakes are like an exclamation mark on your wedding. Since tiered and fondant cakes are so expensive, have a professional baker fake a cardboard and decorate it with cake decorations. The only real part should be the top layer which will be used for cutting. You can search for unique cake stands, which are cheaper when bought using promo codes online. These can be found on stores like TK Maxx. Take advantage of the discounts, and you will save so much money and still give your guests a spectacular cake presentation.

Improvise a Gown

Sometimes one could be working with a small budget and cannot afford to buy a gown. Many brides love to keep their wedding dresses for memories so renting one is not an option. If you find yourself in this situation, you can shop at stores such as the House of Fraser for a unique fancy white dress with an exciting off price. You can also buy the maidens dresses using the store’s promo codes, and then get a professional tailor to decorate them with your wedding theme colors. This will cost less, thus saving money plus the bride will still look gorgeous.


Bad music can ruin a good wedding. Get a well-experienced DJ who knows what to play at what time. Most upcoming DJs are better and cheaper. You could also hire an upcoming band to play at the reception. Upcoming professionals are very talented the problem is they are not known.

Makeup and Jewelry

Take advantage of stores that offer beauty products and jewelries. Some stores can offer professional makeup for your wedding day. For instance, can help you save on makeup or deals like photo shoots and relaxation spas for your bridal maids. And John Greed offers budget friendly jewelries that will complement the whole look.


Find a venue that does not require you to use their vendors like caterers or DJ. You save so much by selecting your Dj, caterer and buying your food. Picking your vendors is also important since one chooses from a variety and can work against their set budget.


Do not hire two venues for your wedding because you can have your event in the same place. This saves time, transportation cost, and your guests will not have to worry about getting lost.

Cut the Guest List

Only invite important guests do not invite people you do not know to your wedding. This will help you cut the catering costs. Lastly is good to avoid doing a wedding on a Saturday, weddings done during weekdays receiving massive discounts. This will enable you to save money.

Get Married In a Courthouse

Having a courthouse wedding is so economical because you only invite close family members and friends. It takes off the pressure of creating a fairy tale to watch the bride. Most people do not wear wedding gowns, which are pretty expensive instead they settle for fancy outfits. This helps one save money, which can be used for the honeymoon.

Foods and Drinks

Foods and drinks are expensive. Instead of having a full bar, one can offer wine, beer or a signature cocktail. Also, you can opt to skip the main course dishes and serve stations.

Most people are willing to help during weddings. For example, your aunt may offer to bake your wedding cake, or your best friend may offer to provide makeup. Simple generous acts and offers will help you save money.

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