Not so far, far away from the classic fairy tale is the Mickey Mouse wedding. After all, Minnie and Mickey have set the standard for long-lived romance: they’ve been together since 1928, and never lost their spark. Happily, it’s not difficult to pull together a fairytale wedding that pulls out all the stops (and pulls the heartstrings), is get-them-buzzing elegant, and gives Mickey and his number one gal pride of place in ways both theatrical and super-subtle.

Storybook Staging

This wedding calls for a big entrance. So roll up to your reception in a snow-white horse and carriage. Or, sweep down a grand curving staircase graced with a red carpet. Then, add a few fairy godmother-like touches with fantasy decor like draped ceilings (this utterly transforms a room), and elegant topiaries or potted trees with twinkle lights. A sparkling ice sculpture in the shape of a castle, swan or giant diamond ring amps up the ambiance even more.

Finally, ask your waitstaff if they can pass silver-trayed hors d’oeuvres in bow ties and white gloves, and you’ve got the full fairytale setting.

Of course, Mickey & Minnie deserve special showing on or near a sumptuous, rose-studded cake. Your gorgeous engagement photo’s perfect in a romantic keepsake frame. And elegant Mickey charms make great adornments for personalized champagne flutes, cake serving sets, or a beautiful satin bouquet wrap.

But the Mouse is equally at home in more personal spots only you, your girls (or intended) know about.

For example, an embroidered “hidden Mickey” makes a wedding gown even more uniquely yours, not to mention a very special engraving inside your wedding bands. Add rhinestone Mickeys to the soles of your shoes, and you’ve got an adorable detail for your photographer to capture and preserve.

Fabulous Favors

Everyone loves a little something sweet. So, tuxedo chocolate-dipped strawberries make the perfect match for this well-dressed mouse. Or, ask a baker to whip up a batch of exquisitely decorated Mickey cookies tucked in cellophane bags, tied off with ribbon and a small paper rosebud.

Looking for sleek and chic? Wrap votives with elegant vellum printed with a Mickey head, and tie with a shiny black satin ribbon. Surround with red rose petals. Or fill a glossy black favor box with a handmade combination of black and white M&Ms and a few Disney mints.Gorgeous with a black and white reception!

The Mouse at Play

You’d pay a mint for a few minutes of Mickey’s time at a Disney wedding, but you can have him stay for the duration on your own stomping grounds. How? Order up an adult Mickey mascot costume — just like the ones at the park.

Tap a good friend or delighted nephew to manage his insides, and set up some unforgettable photo ops for your guests. Then pass him on to the next lucky bride when the party’s over (and recoup your investment — now that’s a fairytale ending!).

Sweet Memories

Want to depart with a bang? Arrange a romantic dove release — or for an evening wedding, dial up your own custom fireworks show — which can even be personalized with your wedding colors. No small-event fireworks companies available nearby? Not to worry — you can still get some fabulous snaps with wedding sparklers.

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  1. Ann

    Hi – I saw on the Knot that someone bought favors that were like mystery Mickey’s. Each person got a little box and no one knew what themed Mickey was inside. Has anyone see these or know what I’m talking about?? Thanks!

  2. Casey

    Hi all!
    I am just wondering if you know where I might be able to buy a Mickey tuxedo vest for my groom? Preferably silver?

  3. Trisha

    I,m looking for a headband that has micky ears done in rhinestones cant find it anywhere. I’ve seen it but cant remember where.

    • [email protected]

      Not sure if this is the right one but here is a link….

      Silver headband with Mickey design

      You can also diy. Find the mickey mouse headband you want and simply use fabric or hot glue rhinestones to ear. make sure the ears are sturdy to hold the weight of the jewels.

  4. Cindy

    For those looking for a Mickey pillow pattern (a tad late for some, but may help others :P) look at the Brother sewing machine web site. In the project idea area, look for the Mickey placemats. I’ve used the place mat pattern for throw pillows on my sofas for years, just add a 1″ -2″ side band. I’ve also changed the size of this pattern for T-shirt/sweatshirt applications, doing them is solids and two tone head/ears.

    Good Luck!

    • Sue Jackson

      Hi there Cindy do you have the link for this as I searched and cant find it thank you 🙂

      • Cindy

        go to

        in the middle of the page there are tabs, choose projects and designs.

        Then choose projects on the left.(jump start your creative ideas)

        Look for the Mickey icon, then choose the placemat and napkin project. I use this pattern for placemats, pillows, and tshirts.


    Hi ALL
    I am getting married on JUNE 25TH 2011 on my 55th Birthday – Mickey
    55 yrs at Dland, Going on a Disney Cruise.
    I have tons upon tons of items that I am selling after the wedding
    everything is MICKEY/MINNIE
    Even have my finance wearing a TOP HAT and a Mickey comberbund/bow tie vinage Mickey (this will be able after our cruise
    wish is on his birthday in November. Be available Nov 07th
    I will be placing pictures right after our wedding – of items for sale.
    have soooooooo much stuff!
    for you O.C. Wedding – I do CANDY BUFFETS

  6. Camilla

    I have been CRAZY looking for this Mickey and Minnie Vase — the Mickey and Minnie vase on the top of this site, under :Fabulous favors! I really cannot find it!! PLEEAASE, if anyone knows where I can find it, or if you have one yourself and are interested in selling it, PLEASE EMAIL ME! I am a collectinger, and this is the most beautiful piece I have ever seen! I cannot find it at Disneystore or Hallmark anymore! PLEASE HELP ME! 😥
    my email is: [email protected]

  7. kayla

    I am getting married in August and I am using disney theme. did anyone ever find those vases? Those would be cute on tables at the reception

  8. Andrea

    Hi wanted to ask for the mickey and minnie vases that’s on this website. Please reply back to me where could I find this vase. Please let me know. thanks

    • Joanne

      Did you ever find out where to buy those vases of Mickey & Minnie with the glass vase? I was hoping to see a response, but maybe they don’t show here.


  9. Kelly

    I am getting married March 20, 2010 and I am planning a Mickey & Minnie Theme wedding. I am just starting out and I need all of the help I can get. My fiance is not able to help me plan because he is Stationed in Iraq until next February. He just asked me to marry him over the phone yesterday, but he said he will do it for real in October, when he is on his R&R. I need ideas for center pieces, wedding favors and everything else involved with planning a wedding.

    • stacey

      hi do you hve your venue? are you wanting to go with the mickey mouse color scheme? or did you have other colors in mind? how theme were you wanting? just a few touches or alot?

      • Kelly

        I would like a lot of touches of Mickey. We are still trying to find a Venue, which is a little harder since my fiance is stationed in Iraq until February, so he told me what ever I decide will be fine with him. He knows how much I love Disney and he told me he is planning on giving me my ring at Sleeping Beauty’s Castle at Disneyland, when we go in October, he told me that is where all princesses need to be purposed to. :love2: I am choosing for my colors black and pink and white, because I found black and pink Mickey Mouse invitations I really liked. My mom is looking of a Mickey Mouse Shaped Pillow Pattern so that she can make our pillow. I want Mickey Mouse touches every where. Mickey & Minnie’s love is eternal and that is what I want for me and my fiance.

      • stacey

        kelly, when you find your venue i will be very happy to do more research. i just want to make sure i can give you the right ideas with colors. cause the shade of pink can matter in the venue. youmay have to lighten or darken depending on the setting.

      • Kathy

        I love your wedding theme. My daughter is getting married on Oct. 3rd 2009 and she has always loved the mouse. We are doing her wedding in Red, Black & White. The girls dresses are black satin with white bands on the bust and big red satin sashes on the waist. The whole wedding will be done in the tuxedo and mickey theme. M&M wedding top. Black & White poka dots everywhere. M&M Ice sculpture. Mickey red choc. suckers. I love your idea of the pillow in the shape of the mouse. Please let me know if you find a pattern. I would love to share ideas. I know some people on the internet stated that they wouold not share anything about their wedding. I feel different, Let’s share. I may have alot of ideas that you might like. Kathy

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