1. Is your wedding and reception being held indoors, outdoors or a bit of both? (In other words, is your ceremony being held outside and the reception inside, or vice versa?)

2. Do you want to have a “peasant”-style wedding theme, where you, your wedding party and guests dress simply, or are you envisioning a grander style, more in keeping with “royalty”?

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Deciding on what your sub-theme should be will help you focus on the type of decorations you will need. For a royalty-type wedding, your decorations would obviously be more elaborate and “rich” looking, with deep rich color tones.

For a peasant-style wedding, you should keep things simplistic and rustic. For example, use wildflowers, earthen type pottery, and rustic type lanterns.

Depending on the location and style that you decide upon, you will need to look at different decorating options. That’s not to say you can’t mix and match. By all means, if you find an idea that really appeals to you, use it no matter what the location. Be sure to jot down any ideas that come to you for future reference.
Ideas come and go so fast, you’ll want to record them as soon as possible. Wedding favors and decorations are only limited by your imagination, so mix and match, and have fun creating your own unique ideas.

Rose Smith is the author of the ebook 250 Simple Wedding Favor Ideas, and several other wedding related ebooks. She owns and operates the Wedding
Themes and More website, which features wedding theme ideas and planning resources.
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7 Responses

  1. Lindsey

    At my school we are having a Rennaissance Festival and my groups job is to tell about the wedding and wedding reception for the peasants and the nobles and the food. So is there anyway you could help me with where to find out information about the reception and other things I mentioned? Please and thank you! 🙂

  2. ashley

    i am getting married in november nothing big going to vegas with 25 close friend my man wants a medieval wedding thats great everything is done but one thing centrepieces ……………. i can not think of anything……….can anyone help me

    • angela

      Metal lanterns with tea lights inside. Some greenery and flowers around it maybe. Or plastic gems scattered here and there if you are going for nobility.

  3. claire

    Hi Mandy have you tried contacting guinevere’s dreams? Gail runs a small company specialising in medieval gowns and events organising. I’m sure she could give you some ideas and she’s not too expensive

  4. Mandy

    Hi my fiance and I are planning a themed renaissance wedding and I am having troubles finding decorations and decoration ideas. I dont want it beach related as we are having the cerimonie on the beach and the reception at a hall near the beach. I have until June but the sooner the better as far as buying the stuff. Please help me with the ideas, I’m panicing. 8-|

  5. mckenzie

    i am looking forward to a mardrigal our school will be doing soon and this website gave me alot of great ideas :P:P:?:P:D


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