Snowflakes. As a child you watched them spiral slowly down. And you knew were on to something special. Maybe your mother let you play hooky from school on the first day of snow.

Grownups told you each one was unique, but you just wanted to touchcthem to your tongue, and they all tasted the same. At school, snowflakes were part of your first foray into art. They were innocent, complex, sharp and rational. They were almost synonymous with sour grade-school paste and the metallic taste of those blunt-end scissors.

Snowflakes mark the heart of the senses in winter. They’re the flip side of steaming cup of hot chocolate after a hard day at play. They’re your winter wedding in miniature. They have a sporty side, too. An alpine, après ski feel, fit for the march into adulthood. Put grownups in enough fresh-piled snow, and they play again. Which is why snowflake favors are perfect for your wedding. Did you want them sweet and fragile, rich and buttery, minty, shiny, or cool?

Even if the perfect snowfall marks the day of your wedding – a movie moment, where the snow falls thick and slow from a receding indigo dome, each flake tumbling down in its own distinct pattern, looking as if it had been falling forever – you probably won’t ask your guests to step outside and stick out their tongues. You probably won’t hand out red worsted mittens, tied on a string, to your guests and attendants, and ask them to play.

But they’ll remember. They’ll remember winter evenings in a concert hall before a string orchestra, where a kid niece stood and played the solo violin from Vivaldi’s Winter. They’ll remember the hint of a great-grandparent who sped along in the dark in a horse-drawn cutter. The slushy sound as the blades of their skates traced a curve in the ice.

Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 9.05.52 PM

And the awful-wonderful feel of frozen fingers warmed in the sink after a day spent defending a snow fort. The delicious weight of two or three extra blankets. Waking up in the middle of the night and seeing stars shine with brutal clarity through naked trees. They’ll remember leaving behind the roaming summer days for the dark, inner winter days where anyone can slowly become anything.

And you can ask them to join you in a quick little trip to the past. Gussied up in a grown-up package of course. With a little cellophane, a little glitter dust, a little tulle, a little tin. A small, sweet hint in a small tin of mints, or white chocolates, or the glint of a snowflake ornament warmed up with a ribbon.

Snowflakes: each one really is unique. Each couple is unique. Each guest is unique. It’s no wonder that brides are so set on this delicate, ephemeral little symbol that melts into time.

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23 Responses

  1. Susan

    I’m getting married 12/26/09 and having a winter/snowflake themed wedding. Looking for ideas. I’m also looking for frosted vase with snowflafes and the numbers on them to put on the tables.
    Any help would be oh so much appreciated.

  2. Sonia


    I’m getting married in February 2009 and the theme is snowflakes. If you have any pictures of a similar wedding theme or if you have any decoration ideas or left overs, please send me an email!! I need ideas at this point!
    Thank you!

    • stacey

      Sonia…why dont u buy (when the winter decos start to come out again) (or you can make them)snowflakes and hang them from fishling line from the ceilin to make it seem as tho its snowing in the room???

    • Dawn P.

      Sonia, I have so many ideas 😀 Actually these are all taken from brilliant brides at Flickr, I just picked some of my favorites. I just know this will get you started.

      I feel like a dork posting 4 photos from the same wedding, but (shrug) all of Row 1 is a snowflake wedding snapped by Traci Turchin. Everything about this wedding is stunning and has a little twist, from the blue snowflakes to the "snowball" bouquets. Follow that link, and check out the flower girl in her merengue dress with the black sash against those dramatic branch-and-snowflake arrangements around the altar. SO elegant.

      K! Row 2. Pic 1 is a clever CP idea, silver ornaments in a clear glass cylinder filled with a branch arrangement. Pics 2 and 3 are another amazing, big-budget red, white and silver snowflake wedding snapped by Kim Long, you should check out every single pic. The cake display alone is incredible. Last pic is a simple, cute CP involving white spider mums, those are cute and probably could DIY.

      And finally, Row 3. Pics 1, 2 and 3 are from a great snowflake "planning bio" by roach.b, three pages long. Last pic is from an incredibly sophisticated snowflake wedding by Kristen Henschen at Chicago’s Newberry Library with a white and pewter palette. Florals are hydrangea, callas and white orchids with frosted branches and hanging votives. This is a long set but absolutely worth clicking through every single photo.

      Okay, really hope that helps! Let us know what you come up with or if you have more questions!

  3. Stacey

    I am having a winter wonderland/snowfleake themed wedding as well…the boutenire gifts that i made were made out of white card stock and matching gold and royal blue ribbon…i found a pattern for a chinese take out box and put floating candles in them with match boxes with our date on them, also as a decoration in my hall we put together birch trees with white tulle and white lights wrapped in the branches to create a winter tree…blow up a beautiful winter scene for your indoor pics….just a few ideas…hope they help!!!!

  4. Samantha

    I’am having a Feb. 16, 2008 wedding with a red and white snowflake theme. If anyone has any other ideas email me, PLEASE!

  5. Wendy

    Hello I am I am getting married on Febuary 9 2008 and am very excited about the theme (Winter winderland) mostly with light blue, silver, snowflakes I guess you get the idea but would love to here some good cheap unique do it myself ideas. I would also be interested in any leftover decorationss any one may have.You can email me at Angeliyz79 [AT] PLEASS HELP!!! 😕

    • Angel

      you can find a lot of winter/snowflake themed things on oriental trading right now!

  6. katie

    goodmorning, i an looking for centerpieces for tables, would like then to be lilys & snowflakes, getting married in late november, thanks for your help,

    • Teri

      Im having a snowflake themed wedding in Jan. of 2008… anyone have any ideas?? or left over decorations that I may buy from you?

  7. ham

    my wedding is in December, i need a theme, can anyone help…i wanna use white and gold

    • jessica

      For the white and gold i would do ornaments set white as the snow and glittery gold bulbs everywhere i am getting married in january and am also using snowflakes there is going to be so much glitter and sparkle it will be gorgeous.

  8. Cathy

    I love the ideas. My daughter is having a Jan. wedding and her theme is snowflakes. So this was great to fine. I emailed it to her right away.


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