There’s reason behind the old saying, “fresh as a daisy.” Because when brides of all ages want to express the youthful side of love, nothing beats the daisy in all its guises: from the traditional Shasta, with its echoes of nostalgia and innocence, to the practically-punk Gerber and its contemporary colors.

Demure Shasta Style

No other flower says “young love” like the Shasta daisy, with its cheery face and paper-white petals. Dear to blushing brides everywhere, the Shasta begs for sayings like, “he loves me, he loves me not — he loves me … we tied the knot!”

Silhouettes and textures that suit the shasta to a ‘tee’: eyelet and cotton fabrics. And gowns with a retro-style bell skirt and slender waist, or chic tea-lengths, worn with a flyaway veil. Reedy, youthful brides look gorgeous in a simple A-line or column style — especially against vibrant greens of a garden or park.

The Shasta also plays well with white organza bows and delicate pastels like lavender, mint green, or baby-chick yellow. They look lovely paired with pastel roses, and in hand-tied bouquets dressed up with pink or yellow satin wraps.

They’re a bit fragile, though, so resort to silks for anything like a pomander ball, anything without a water source, or anything your flower girl might carry around.

Find Nautical Themed Favors

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Gerber Daisy Drama

Gerbers are the Vivienne Westwoods of the flower world. The brides who love them also love design, and modern shocks of color. One popular palette for Gerber-lovers is bright pink and orange. Another is pink and green. For Autumn brides, fiery combinations of yellow, orange and red set the scene.

But brides are also designing around Gerbers’ purples, peaches and sultry magentas. And let’s not forget that Gerbers really pop against dark brown and black (both super-popular shades for bridesmaids’ attire. Coincidence?)

All Dolled Up With Daisies

Here are some adorable things we’ve seen done with daisies:

Wheatgrass Trays

That rich explosion of green makes daisies look fabulous, whether they’re white or fuchsia. Take note: the fragile stems need to be wired!

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Floating Heads

Single Shasta flower heads floating in votives or shot glasses: adorable. Larger Gerber heads can sometimes fill a whole fishbowl: finish the look with a bright satin ribbon. Or toss these blooms en masse in fountains or pools.

Flashy Splashes

The brightest gerbers call for dramatic echoes elsewhere in your event. Dress your bridesmaids in bright dupioni sashes (salmon or tangerine, say). Swag the ceilings with shiny fabrics to match. Wrap each cake layer in bold, patterned ribbons. Rustle up tangerine parasols and saturated linens and chair covers. Serve a menu of signature drinks in each of your Gerber colors!

Ribbons on Ribbons

Pick a bright palette to match your favorite Gerber daisies, then wrap your vases and votive holders in several layers of ribbon of different widths. For example, layer a bright orange inch-wide satin ribbon over a corrugated two-inch-wide fuchsia ribbon.

Fruit and Flowers

Choose Gerbers of a citrusy hue, then fill your centerpiece containers with sliced lemons, limes or oranges in bright, coordinating colors.

Back to Basics

Just because you love all-white doesn’t mean you have to pass on Gerbers: they come in bridal white, too. And with their oversized heads, they’ve got all the charm of Shastas, plus a fresh and modern spin.

Rustic Roots

Gerbers and Shastas alike can add rustic punch to any affair. Just combine them with a little raffia or twine, birds’ nest bouquet collars, galvanized pails, or gingham and mason jars.

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522 Responses

  1. hayley

    hi, i am wanting a cadbury purple theme wedding but i want the bright colours of gerbera daisys as my flowers…would that match okay do you think? and what could i do as centrepieces?

    • staceyleah

      Could I see your venue so I can see if the colors will work? If it does then you can make gerbera daisies your theme. You can float daisy blooms in water or have stems of daisies in glass vases.

  2. Tina

    My surrounding area is timber colour but i dunno whether daisy flower can match with my wedding dinner restaurant or not? Kindly advice..

  3. Beth

    Oh my goodness, the daisy theme is so sweet, I can hardly stand it! The more I look for wedding flower ideas, the more undecided I get! Seriously! How do you figure it out?????



  5. Courtney Beau

    My wedding is going to be this summer (we don’t have a date yet), I want to do blues and greens and daisies. Any ideas? 💡

    Courtney B.

  6. Karen

    My daughter wants to use some kind of daisies and one of her colors to be purple for a September 2012 wedding do you have any ideas

  7. Charlotte

    We are having a renewal ceremony for our 10th anniversary, August 2011. Shasta Daisies are my favorite, so that will be my main flower. I want a cowboy/country theme. My husband is a race car driver. I like to take pics. How can I combine all of these things? My favorite color is red. His race car is yellow with a red #11.
    Any help would be appreciated!

    • Stacey@FavorIdeas

      I would have a simple red and yellow color scheme. Have his cake like a race car or race car topper. For centerpieces consider framed pictures of natural settings, alt. with baskets of buckets of flowers. Gingham linens would be nice. Or think mason jars.

      * some ideas

      * more ideas

      • Charlotte

        Stacey, Thank you so much for the great ideas!

  8. Miss Mandi

    I am also having plain white shasta daisies as our main flower in the wedding and accenting them with light baby pink gerbera daisies just in my bouquet. We are going country themed. So I’m using emptied and cleaned pickle jars as their vaces. I discovered they are mason I’m using them hahaha. We are going to be using long 8 foot tables at the reception so we are using a big arrangement of plain daisies at the ends of tables and just a couple few of the light pink gerberas for the middle of the tables. And using little daisy candles as fillers between the flowers. Our wedding is Sept 3rd 11. Its outside on my parents farm & I was really wanting to use hay bales as seating with a white cloth covering the centers…but I’m still deciding if that will be budget friendly already picked out our cake. Its white 3 tiered SIMPLE with a few daisies here and there on it and it will be on display on a wooden slice of tree. 🙂 I love country and rustic. We will be married under a wooden gazebo With daisies hanging in mason jars on the front and there will be little wooden hand fans for guests. & little mason jars on the ceception tables filled with candies. I hope this gives some of you other brides to be some help. Ps my bridesmaids & I are wearing cowgirl boots with our dresses!

  9. Stephanie

    Here’s an idea for reception centerpieces for a summer wedding. Use stem daisies in a mason jar and type a ribbon around the mason jars. In the small mason jars insert a votive candle and set on the side of the bigger mason jars. These make a cheap but yet beautiful centerpiece.

    • janet frawley

      I did that using blue mason jars, white daisies, with ribbons tied around the top of the jar. so inexpensive and cute.

  10. Liz

    Hey I need help with ideas. We are doing a summer wedding (aug 6th) up the canyon at a beautiful property and trying to keep it as simple as possible. I love the gerber daisies and would love some cheap ideas:) Also what would fit with the theme. Colors… bright pink orange, yellow and green

    • Stacey@FavorIdeas

      Go to theknot website and sign up free/log in click on 5000+ pictures in category section on left hand page, it will bring you to galleries, click daisies and there will be tons of ideas.
      * real wedding
      * love this

  11. Kelli

    Help Please! I will be having a small redneck fishing themed wedding in a few months. This is our 2nd time marring each other so we want some thing fun since we have done it before with the White dress and all. We will be married on a dock on a pond. Our favorite pass time together is fishing so that is why we picked that idea. Everyone will be wearing dark blue jeans and matching t-shirts. I have all kinds of ideas for a normall wedding but we want this as far from normall as it can be. I do want gerbers to be my main flower. :meh: Please help

    • Stacey@FavorIdeas

      I would have it in a simple party like setting. Think potted daisies, simple gerbera daisy bouquets with cattails etc. In my mind, I am thinking a BBQ like setting. Picnic tables etc. For you invites keep them simple with a fishing theme clipart off teh computer will do just fine. have the cake with a fishing theme, use washtubs for drinks, I have even seen a aluminum boat iced down with loads of beverages. have any kids with little daisy hair wreaths, have a tackle box set up with potted gerberas inside by a guest book table, if you have one. Pull in fishing items to use for centerpieces, prop up some fishing poles by a tree with a tackle box like your gonna go fishing. Thre is probably a lot of stuff you have sitting around that could tastefully be added to your decor.
      * here is a board I did a while back that would really fit in well.

      • Stacey@FavorIdeas

        *forgot the board
        With a fishing cake topper, fishing poles by trees decor, clipart on any paper goods, maybe even have a fish fry.

  12. Jeanne

    HELP! my niece is getting married this weekend! I have been put in charge of the bouquet and decorations. I’m fairly handy with decorations but would like some pics to go by for the bouquet. We haven’t had time to plan. My dad is terminally ill and the wedding was going to be next spring. It is important to her that he walk her down the aisle so she bumped it up with a weeks notice. She is having a western themed wedding and wants a bouquet of daisies with raffia. Any pics for me to go by or take to florist?

  13. Melanie


    I will be having my wedding next summer. The venue will be in a garden with a gazebo and fountain as backdrop.. My florist says that they will only have gaberras, lilies or roses for decorations
    Do you have any suggestions how i can create a theme for this venue? In considerations to the flowers type
    My fiance likes brown but i am a bright color person or rather, more undecided.. Something like your wallpaper will catch my attention, or something classic would be nice, however, brown or rustic theme is definitely a no no to me
    How can i make this possible?


    • Stacey@FavorIdeas

      So you want to use brown and then pair brighter colored florals against it? If so, then what colors will be in bloom next summer? Do you have a link to your location?

  14. Terri

    My Son is getting married May 2011 and the bride wants turquoise flower petals tossed down the isle but does not want to use rose petals.Do you have any suggestions? The flowers in her bouquet are gerber daisy and the girls are in a turquois dress.

    • Stacey@FavorIdeas

      Actually for a daisy theme I have actually seen daisy floral heads tossed on the aisle. Just a few scattered here and there.

  15. Kathy

    Hello I’m decorating for a 40th wedding anniversary and I was wondering if you could give me some ideas? She is having gerber daisies in the cake which is very elegant so the decorations need to be also! i have circle tables that fit 5 people. I was thinking a long vase but what can I put in them to make a gorgeous centerpiece? I also thought that I could make them a table for the two of them but how could I do that?? I hope to hear from you soon! Have a Good day and thanks for the help!!

    • Stacey@FavorIdeas

      Could I see the link or pic of the venue? Were you wanting gerbera daisies for the centerpieces too? What about floating candles with gerbera daisies? then surrounded by votives. You can even use bowls ( they look sorta like fish bowls but they are not) and float gerberas/candles.

  16. Kelley

    I would like to do a centerpiece with cylinder vases and white floating candle. Heres my idea….would like to have daisies (preferably silk) in the water underneath with maybe clear marbles. How can I go about doing this? I have a vision, just don’t know if it will work…..thinking the daisies will float, which I dont want them to do! Help!

      • Stacey@Favor Ideas

        The marbles should anchor the stem.
        * For example
        * another example
        On the daisy if you choose to cut the stem leave just a tad bit of stem and anchor clear fishing line to bottom of stem and anchor to something heavier to bottom of vase, it will stay down.
        * tips

      • Kelley

        Thank you! Here is what I have so far….note I had only one cylinder vase and one floating candle…so I improvised with drinking glasses…just to get a feel of what it would look like.

  17. candice

    My best friend is getting married next fall, and her favorite flowers are gerbera daisy, so I wanted to do a bridal shower for her with a ruby and spiced pumpkin gerber daisy theme…the problem is I haven’t been able to find decent looking paper supplies (plates, napkins etc.) I want something very simple, with a plain white background, and a single daisy smack dab in the middle…has anyone seen anything like that?

    • Julian

      I have never seen it at a wedding, but my wedding is in April and i am planning to have a similar concept. I want a bud vase with a single daisy as the centerpeice. I am also planning to use green glass tiles as the base, i love the simplicity and uniqueness of it.

  18. Kelley

    Having a simple wedding in April 2011 with daisies as my main flowers….the plain white daisies with yellow centers….these are my favorite. I need some ideas on centerpieces, aisle markers, bouquets…..please help!

  19. Sandi

    Looking for a gerber daisy cookie cutout; know where I can get one?

  20. fiona

    hi im having ivory with coral pink sashes bridesmaid dresses,what colour daisies would co-ordinate well with this??

    • Stacey@FavorIdeas

      What is your main color scheme? What about your venue colors? wedding date?

      • Stacey@FavorIdeas

        Also do you like soft or brighter colors, what color is the guys wearing? I am trying to get a idea of your wedding so I can pick some ideas. There are many colors that would work. You could pair corals and green or hot pink and coral, just a single color or a mix. yellows with coral would be beautiful. Do you have any favorite colors that would compliment your setting?

  21. Sara

    I am getting hitched on June 11, 2011 and when I saw the posted photos of the different colored bm dresses, I flipped! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! My MOH is wearing eggplant purple and I told the rest of the girls to get a dress in tangerine, but now I’m thinking I want a few of them in bright pink as well. I never thought I liked daisies until I discovered Gerberas (kind of like I never thought I liked diamonds until I got one on my finger!). I would love for them to wear silk Gerbers in their hair on the day of. I’m still struggling with the bouquet though. Should I include roses or just stick with gerbers? I want a pop of purple in there too.

    • Stacey@FavorIdeas

      Here is what they did on this wedding * here you could have each girl pick a color they love the most in gerberas and you carry the mix of flowers. Or you can match their bouquet to the dress.

    • Tiffany

      I’m getting married June 11 2011 and I’m doing gerberas as well. For my center pieaces would it be better to use silk or real gerberas?

      • Stacey@FavorIdeas

        It depends on what you want to use. Most recommend using real and sometimes silk can be more expensive.

      • Sara

        I have always noticed that the weddings I remembered most were the ones with little details to make it special. Go with real ones. They are probably cheaper than silk and add that “little touch” to show you care about your guests.

  22. Rachel

    I have chosen my colors for my wedding to be navy blue and ice blue since my fiance is in the air force and will be wearing his uniform for the ceremony. I have always liked plain white daisies, but I am thinking that I may need more color. Any ideas?

    • Janelle

      Use blue as accent colors, but use the daisy’s as your main flower. Maybe blue ribbons or bows around a boquet of daisys and roses. Play with colors you like.


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